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Hi Philippa-Lee,

I don’t know if you can remember any of the reading you did for me but a lot has actually happened to my husbands surprise. You told me that my house would sell but wouldn’t be finalized until after we move, and there was something about the number three about the sale, well it finally settled 2 days short of three months after my reading. My husbands job is all you said it would be and more, I miss Old Bar and my friends so much but now being settled here again as made missing them easy to deal with.

Best wishes to you and your family from me and mine.
Dianne South Australia

Dear Phillee

You gave me an aura reading last September and everything you said has happened. I met a lady who has long blonde hair, just 3 days after the reading, incredible, and my business is doing much better. I am fascinated with how this works, reading the aura and I’m wondering if you can tell me why babies look around people as if they see something? I am also enjoying your forums and can’t wait to get your explanations about the aura.

​Michael Old Bar NSW

I remember you did a reading for me years ago. You said that I would meet and marry a man 3 years younger than me and have a little girl. I am now married to that man and we had a little girl first. Thanks so much!



Central Coast NSW

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