Please meet one of our main Team Members, Psychic Medium Philippa Lee. Her intent is to take you on a spiritual journey by communicating with your lost loved ones, as well as validate your past and shine the light on your future... She offers you a variety of experiences online for FREE, including live Facebook video interactive mini readings and Private Clairvoyant Medium Readings

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This will be with Philippa Lee - an in depth paid personal mentoring program in addition to the many Free platforms already on offer. This is for those who want to delve in to the max and perhaps even become a 'Reader' themselves.  Please enquire Contact Us


We are very pleased to meet you, love The Spiritual Tourist Team...

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Please join Philippa-Lee on her Facebook Page: Philippa Lee - The Spiritual Tourist where you will also find the link to join her free and private Facebook group to learn more about your own spiritual talents!


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